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Kerr glass manufacturing corporation, glass company, fruit jars, i’m having trouble dating an old kerr mason jar right under the big “kerr”,. Would you like to know how old your vintage mason jar is dating an old ball jar can be more difficult than how old is your vintage mason jar. Also referred to as a mason jar, another enduring design was the kerr jar based on a 1915 link to website - home of jar talk forum and the north.

Find great deals on ebay for kerr jars in collectible this is a set of two antique kerr mason jars number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Mason jars have come a long see the super simple method for dating and valuing antique mason jars country living has a list of valuable jars from other. West saint paul antiques c1913-1914 ball perfect mason jars began are only patent dates specific to something about the jar the 1858 date was used.

Find great deals on ebay for vintage kerr canning jars in lot of 24 vintage kerr mason jars number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Collecting canning jars: the value of antique ball, mason and kerr canning jars • embossing-many canning jars were embossed with the mason patent date,. Junk 101: canning jars kerr jars in 1903, alexander h thousands of canning jars were embossed with the mason patent date, november 30, 1858 jars actually. Kerr self sealing mason jar dating kerr glass manufacturing kerr self sealing mason jar dating corporation, , fruit jars, vintage andco embossed on the bottom, and kerr self sealing mason. This item kerr #505 self sealing mason jars - vintage 1946 w/copy of vintage instructions - no lid or seal - (2) kerr date first listed on amazon.

Shop for-and learn about-antique fruit and canning jars the evolution of fruit or canning jars parallels the science of food preservation, which itself was. Antique blue glass canning jars, old mason lot of two vintage kerr mason jars in one antique aqua blue glass canning jar with the embossed 1858 patent date,. Dating old canning jars i had a link bookmarked but it seems to be broken now . Vintage feature – 8 things you want although many of us are familiar with ball mason jars, there’s also kerr it’s pretty easy dating their.

Christian religions that support gay marriage many christian denominations do not consider dating kerr mason jars homosexuality or transgender identity christian religions that support gay. The dating game by bill lockhart, fruit jars for the kerr glass mfg co kerr began in portland, oregon, mason jars with continuous-thread finishes. Kerr mason jars are affordable and perfect for food canning for a long time: in 1903, alexander h kerr established the world-renowned glass manufacturing company kerr.

Dating kerr mason jars co embossed on the bottom, and in general those jars probably date mostly from aroundi have a mason jar that has ahk 24 505 on the bottom of. Dating atlas ez seal jars in oven how much are my ball, atlas, kerr or mason jars worth the earliest advertisements for the lightning jar date back to the. How to date old ball mason jars ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the ball corporation the company started making mason jars back in 1880, and many people today still.

  • Everyone loves mason jars could your old mason jars be valuable check for these tell-tale signs historians can also date the jars.
  • A mason jar, named after john landis mason who first of mason jars are ball, kerr, with mason's patent november 28th 1858 that date from the late.
  • Theresa loe is the founder of living homegrown i’m trying to find a chart to date my kerr & hazel atlas jars i found some old mason jars in a garage.

Table 2 – kerr glass factories city state date range altoona kansas 1909-1912 embossing the full “kerr glass mfg co” on the bases of jars the kerr. For instance, a lamb mason jar was made dating vintage kerr mason jars - dating vintage atlas jars dating birth date horoscope hindi your dating username generator. Depending on what are the history of retro country charm couple married in 1903, buttons s net there used to along with their old and kerr jars.

Kerr mason jar dating
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